The 100 Day Project – A glimpse into the progress of four local participants

What began as a challenging workshop at Yale University by graphic design Professor Michael Bierut has grown to an international call for creatives to think outside the box. The assignment seemed simple enough: Repeat a design process every day for 100 days. The process must be recorded each day. The medium was open, as was the final form the project would be turned in.

The results were astounding.

Most famous of the student participants is Ely Kim who videotaped a new choreographed dance in a different place, every day. His video is entitled “Boombox”.

The project quickly gained ground on the internet, and with the advent of Instagram it rapidly grew to all corners of the earth with the hashtag #the100dayproject. Participants paint, draw, photograph, sew, write, sing, dance, garden…the medium is still open and the challenge is the same. Create in ways you never dreamed possible.

The Red Twig will be hosting four local participants as they reveal their progress at the halfway point in this years’ project. Katie Coulton has been hand stitching a square of fabric a day. Inspired by bits of textiles, found objects and vintage photes, Coulton attempts to combine these into something everyday. Coulton’s progress can be followed at #mystitchjournal or @papeerbacks on Instagram. Ann Hanna has been farming daily. Raising chicks, planting, harvesting, tending, working the earth, and truly watching her hard work transform and grow.

Stephanie Stanziano has diligently been turning vintage linens into beautiful bags or unique home decor. Stanziano can be followed at #vintagelinenluv or @flapperfly on Instagram. Local artist and author Salli Swindell has taken a new look at pineapples each day. Each unique representation is either drawn, painted, photographed, stitched, or bananagramed.

Follow her progress at

Spend some time with these incredible creators during the June art Hop at The Red Twig 5245 Darrow Road in Hudson.

Photos from Ann Hanna’s project:

Ann Hanna, 100 Day Project 2016 1 Ann Hanna, 100 Day Project 2016, Radishes Ann Hanna, 100 Day Project 2016, Garden











Photos from Katie Coulton’s project:

Katie Coulton, 100 Day Project 2016, Stitching Katie Coulton, 100 Day Project 2016, Thoughts Katie Coulton, 100 Day Project 2016, ZZZZZZ