Join In The Fun With Living Art On August 11

Frida Kahlo, at the Red Twig

Frida Kahlo, at the Red Twig

On Friday, August 11, the 2nd Friday Art Hop will our most popular event: Living Art.

Throughout the evening, real people will imitate famous works of art. Participating locations will have imaginative displays that you can watch or interact with.

In previous years, visitors to Uncommon Art dressed up as Whistler’s Mother or drew The Girl With The Pearl Earring. At Hudson Fine Art & Framing, a living statue in the front window amused passers-by. Jackson Pollock splashed paint on a canvas at The Red Twig and Frida Kahlo made an appearance.


Calling all Van Goghs, Frida Kahlos and Mona Lisas!

At the final Art Hop of the summer, YOU are encouraged to become part of the fun. Come dressed up as a favorite artist or masterpiece.

Costumes for children and adults will be judged at 7:30pm at Hudson Fine Art & Framing. Prizes will be given!

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Jackson Pollock, at the Red Twig

Jackson Pollock, at the Red Twig

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