More Art On July 14

By Stephen Bering Goold: "The Moonlight Breaks My Heart"

By Stephen Bering Goold: “The Moonlight Breaks My Heart”
Acrylic and Latex on Linen.
64×46 in

To round out the July 14 Art Hop, be sure to check out these creative offerings:

  • At the Learned Owl Book Shop, create your own sidewalk chalk art.
  • Russell Real Estate Services will show contemporary abstract art by Stephen Bering Goold.
  • MOD: Matter of Design will show a variety of local and national artists.

Come rain or shine, we hope you have lots of fun exploring the arts in Hudson. Download your copy of the map here: Map for the July 14 Art Hop

And be sure to mark your calendar for August 11 – the last Art Hop of the summer. We will once again be doing “Living Art”, where real people impersonate famous art. As always, feel free to come as your favorite art or artist that evening.