Patricia Harthcock At Russell Realty

Russell Realty, 72 N Main St #103, is graciously hosting artist Patricia Harthcock during the May 12th Art Hop.

Patricia began taking pictures in the early 1980’s when she purchased her first camera, a Canon AE1, which she still uses. Although always having a love of artistic ventures like sewing, crafting, and other art fields, she fell in love with black and white film photos after taking a beginning B/W class at a local college where she lived in Michigan in the mid ’80’s.

After being a stay at home mom for 23 years she enrolled at a community college where she took many art and photography classes.  She enjoyed learning of and practicing many forms of photo developing that are slowly disappearing such as tintype, cyanotype and daguerreotype, along with using different kinds of lenses.  While taking an advanced photography class she developed her own process of enlarging her negatives and hand painting them with watercolors.  The results were very brilliantly colored photos that look fluid and somewhat dream like.

Patricia Harthcock, photoPatricia says, “I began this body of work after a critique in a photography class where a student had painted a 35 mm negative with a felt tip marker and printed it to an 8×10 photo.  The size of the negative didn’t give the student control on where the color went and I was interested in finding out if I could achieve this objective.  I decided to enlarge my negatives to 4×5 inches and colored, ‘painted’  them with different mediums until I settled on watercolor paints.  I have had a great time with this process, I get negative and positive images of each photo and they turn out completely different.”