Water, Smoke, and Haunting Dreams

Clarissa Jakobsons, Oil Painting, My HeadDuring the September 11th Art Hop, be sure to visit the Moos Gallery at Western Reserve Academy. Clarissa Jakobsons will host a reception and poetry reading for her solo exhibit, “Water, Smoke, and Haunting Dreams”.

Clarissa talks about her work in graceful and evocative terms:

My paintings reflect fantasy based upon memory and experience. Layers reveal abstractions expanding canvas from human form or still life into a spontaneous moment. A painting can be a lyrical poem that merges art and psycho-biography into unique flowing lines and organic forms to evoke raw emotions. I also weave art and poems into artist books.

Intuitively, my art flows in a flux of discovery that employs both sides of the brain. Detail and action influence my creative process by color or its absence. My professional practice nurtures and propels towards continual experimentation with limitless supplies as my brush spontaneously springs against canvas. Solutions to a puzzle emerge while contemplating breath.

A former KSU art professor remarked my sketchbooks look like poetry. Who would have guessed this observation predicted my current status weaving art and poetry? You are invited into my world of possibilities!

Clarissa has a KSU Bachelor of Fine Arts degree with graduate training in Education, Visual Arts, and Creative Writing. She teaches at Tri-C and Akron U Senior Programs. Her poems are widely published. She recently received a Hans Hofmann fellowship at the Provincetown Fine Arts Work Center.

For more of Clarissa’s story, visit:

Water, Smoke, and Haunting Dreams
Solo Exhibition Celebrating 49 Years of Art: Paintings and Artist Books
Clarissa Mickevicius Jakobsons

The Moos Gallery of Western Reserve Academy
Knight Fine Art Center, 130 N. Oviatt St

August 26 – October 4
Reception and Poetry Reading: September 11, 5 – 8 pm